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Lily Bot is a Anime Bot with some Exclusice Stuffs,
Scoll Down to Know More!

All Commands of LilyBot

Use '>ping' for Example.

Moderation & Manager (Admin/Mod)

Prefix - '>'

Kick @user [reason] - Kicks a User
Ban @user [reason]  - Bans a User

Unban - Unbans a User
Purge [amt] - Purges the Amount of Messages
Mute @user - Mutes a User
Unmute @user - Unmutes a User
Welcomer #channel/disable - Enables Welcomer
Leaver #channel/disable - Sets Leaver Channel

Anime Commands


Waifu - Sends a Waifu OwO
Pat @user - Pat a User
Kiss @user - Kiss a User
Cuddle @user - Cuddle a User
Neko - Sends a Neko Pic
Slap @user - Slap a User
Smug - Smugs
Feed @user - Feed a User
Tickle @user - Tickle a User
Poke @user - Poke a User
Ship @user1 @user2 - Ship Them Now UwU
Hug @user - Hug a User
Baka @user - Baka :0
Fact - Random Facts
Kemonomimi - xD

8ball [Q] - Shooks an 8Ball
LoveCalc @user1 @user2 - Calculate the Loveness
HateCalc @user1 @user2 - Calculate the Hateness
Avatars - Sends a Anime PFP
Wallpaper - Sends a Anime Wallpaper

Economy Commands

Cookie Credits

Balance @user - Balance of your's or mentioned user
Search - Search for CC
GambleSearch - Huge Chance to gain CC but high Risk
Share @user [cc] - CC Sharing

Misc Commands

General/Misc Cmds

Ping - Pong!
Avatar - Avatar of yours or mentioned user
Say [test] - Repeats the Text
DM @user [text] - Mail
Invite - Bot Invitation Link
Donate - PayPal
Help - Help Command


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